A new adventure

Paradise Café is now open!

After 9 weeks of trading we seem to be finding our feet. All businesses are different and this one is turning out to be an interesting experience for the three of us!

Because of the general shortage of staff in our industry, and we are given to understand many other industries, we have had to adapt our offerings somewhat. Needless to say it doesn’t stop us celebrating the joys that Spring has to offer.

We are now at the time of year which for a kitchen like ours is able to celebrate wonderful, natural flavours. Usually starting off with Wild Garlic, we prefer the flower as the leaf becomes very overpowering. In it’s wake come the first shoots of Lovage, Sweet Cicely, Spearmint and Hissop, to name but a few.

Jersey Royals we are now serving on their own with a Sorrel Dressing, Leavy Greens and Cashew, collectively produce great flavours. If you able to find St George Mushrooms with chopped chives and the perfume of a Shittake Mushroom – makes your palette sing!

We are staring our Special Friday Dinners, as you might have seen, and are excited about once again producing those extra special dishes.